our services

We offer professional, generous and skilled home healthcare facilities.
We assure your loved ones with safety and comfort.

When your loved ones experience ageing with physical & emotional effects such as (dementia and Alzheimer’s), Injury or Illness, you would be looking for assurance of their safety, well being and comfort.  Aging with Care Inc. is the name to provide serenity by offering high-quality care.

 We have well trained, compassionate and experienced staff committed to providing excellent facilities to your loved ones. Home health aides provide excellent assistance to the families in need for their elderly members. We offer professional, kind-hearted and skilled home healthcare facilities.

At Aging with the care, we provide services to the person with disabilities, Illness & in need to lead self-determined lives for themselves.




Bathing and dressing

We become your helping-hand in bathing and dressing properly, so no need to worry of your cleanliness.

We are here.


Meal preparation and Feeding

We choose quality food while preparing food and when we are feeding you, so you feel freshness of your meal.

We are here.


Laundry and Grocery Shopping

We clean your clothes and do grocery shopping for you, so you feel like your family.

We are here.


Running Errands

We collect your parcels on behalf of you, so need to worry about it.

We are here.


We provide the best house-keeping facilities, so you don’t feel like someone else is touching your stuffs.

We are here.



We are the best companion for your recovery as we make you feel like home

We are here.

Moreover, Aging with Care constantly monitor the performance of our staff and assure clients satisfaction.

The evaluation ultimately helps us to improve the quality of our services and bring contentment & peace of mind to you that your beloveds are well-cured and comfortable.

The home medical care benefits a patient can get at home is unlimited. It relies upon an individual patient's condition, care can scope from nursing care to specialized medical services, for example, lab workups. The primary care physician will decide your consideration plan and care may require at home. At-home the following care include:

  • Specialized care
  • Nursing care
  • Physical, word related, and additionally language training
  • Care from home as well-being assistants
  • Homemaker or fundamental help care
  • Friendship
  • Volunteer work
  • Healthful help
  • Research center and X-beam imaging
  • Certain research center tests
  • Transportation
  • Home-conveyed suppers
  • & many more...

    Our caregivers help you in your most crucial time at home. We provide the best services In the United States. We are always here serving our love and compassion to you. We are not “I” or “Me” we are “US”. We stay together with you in your tough time to help you recover fast.